About Us

Nature and the wildlife in it have always fascinated us. Years ago we choose a path to advance our knowledge of animals in the field of taxidermy art. We had the good fortune to study with two of the legends in the field of taxidermy and sculpture. Forest (Toby) Hart, now a renowned bronze artist from Maine and Mr. Joe Kish, (both who set the standards for modern manikins that are used to this day).

They were both outstanding teachers who showed us new ways to study animals, make study casts, sculpture them, and mount them. We learned that the animals in nature are the best teachers of anatomy, shapes, movements and genuine animal behaviors. We are able to alter existing forms or create new ones, for a dynamitic, pleasing, one of a kind piece of animal art, which we incorporate into the work we do today.

Our business growth came from dedication, hard work and attention to detail. We are well known for the realism and lifelike look we create in our work. Over the years our work has received high recognition in National, and World Competitions. We specialize in large life size mounts as well as pedestal and shoulder mounts. We are very experienced in mounting trophies from around the world. One of our goals has always been to create mounts that stand the test of time-our motto is “QUILITY LASTS, QUALITY IS ALWAYS A BARGAIN”.